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                I was impressed from when I first made reservations to the end of our trip. This was a birthday gift for my boyfriend and tuned out to be a great way to celebrate. The staff was professional, kind and made the experience a blast! We cannot wait until our next jump! Thanks for everything!

                Elizabeth H.

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                Quincy Kennedy


                Total Jumps: 3100+

                USPA: D-26576

                I’m originally from Williston, SC currently living in Florence. My interest in skydiving came from my father who was in the paratroops during WWII, jumping as part of D-Day. After landing, he cut off a piece of that silk canopy and lines. Some of my earliest memories are looking at that material wishing I could jump as well. I still have that piece of silk. Photography has been a passion since high school. Now I can do both together in the best sport there is…!!!…

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                Skydive Carolina prides itself on hosting some of the best skydiving events in the world.

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